Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement and Installation in Fayetteville, NC

Is your Fayetteville roof showing signs that it’s time for a replacement?  

  • An increasing number of broken shingles
  • Torn or missing flashing around edges
  • Uneven patches on flat roofs that are difficult to repair
  • Constant drafts in upper floors
  • Water damage directly beneath the roof
  • Difficulty maintaining climate control on upper floors
  • Growing maintenance bills relating to roof repair


No roof lasts forever.  Residential roofs tend to last 10-20 years, and commercial roofs will generally last 20-30, but eventually, all roofs will begin to fail.  When this happens, attempting further repairs will only become a waste of money – and that means you need top-quality roof replacement services from Advanced Roofing Solutions.


Protect Your Home for Years to Come


A house’s roof is one of its most important features, critical for maintaining the structure of the building, while also keeping the outside elements at bay.  A roof that is failing will quickly drive down the value of your property, while also allowing water, insects, even animals to make their way into your home.  Left unfixed, the damage done by an old roof will only grow with time.

Advanced Roofing Solutions has extensive experience installing new roofs on residential homes, with a minimum of disruption to the residents.  We’ll work with you to find the perfect new roofing solution!

Guarantee Your Commercial Roof Remains Strong


Any business with a failing roof will see numerous problems as a result.  Air conditioning bills skyrocket.  Unsightly water stains begin to appear on the walls.  The roof itself may become unsafe to walk on, limiting your ability to make use of your roof as a resource.  These problems will only get worse if they are ignored!

Businesses across Fayetteville trust Advanced Roofing Solutions when they need a new roof installed.  From flat single-ply roofs to built-up roofing, to advanced vegetative solutions – we can help you find a new roofing solution that meets your needs and cuts your operating costs!

Don’t Let A Bad Roof Become Worse

Replacing a roof can be costly – but the damage done by a failing roof will be much more costly.  Whether it’s a residential home, office building, church, governmental facility, or any other kind of building, Advanced Roofing Solutions can install a new roof that will keep you covered for years to come.