Roof Flashing Repair

Advanced Roofing Solutions Has the Expertise for Your Roof Repair in Fayetteville, NC

A leaky roof is a problem that will only get worse over time – and cause ever greater amounts of damage to your building and your property!  Whether it’s a residential or commercial roof, minor roof maintenance problems should be taken care of promptly, to prevent unnecessary costs.

Advanced Roofing Solutions is Fayetteville’s top choice for roof repair, leak patching, and roof flashing repair. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured, with access to the best in roofing materials, including GAF roofing systems. Large or small, residential, or commercial, we can fix your roof at reasonable costs.


Know the Signs of Residential Roof Damage

Early detection is key to preventing a damaged roof from causing more damage to your property. These are some of the most common signs that a residential roof needs repair.

Missing or broken tiles

Every broken tile on your roof reduces its effectiveness, and all it takes are a few missing tiles to open up your home to the elements.

Missing or broken flashing

Metal flashing secures the gap between roof tiles and building structures such as chimneys. Without roof flashing repair, these can easily let water, ice, or vermin inside.

Water stains on walls

If water stains are appearing in your attic or upper floors, there's a very good chance it's caused by a leaky roof.

Drafts in the attic

Your attic, or upper floors, should be able to easily maintain their air conditioning. Unusually hot or cold drafts mean that air is getting in from the outside!

Attic condensation

If moisture is leaking in via the roof, there could be condensation on hot days - leading to water damage, or even mold!

If any of these are occurring, you should call Advanced Roofing Solutions ASAP to discuss roofing repair!

Special Services for Commercial Property Owners


We are happy to work with commercial property owners to find solutions that fit your needs.  We can work on your roof whenever it’s convenient, investigate leaks for their source, and provide preventative maintenance.  For the best and most affordable coverage, talk to us about our service contract options!

Advanced Roofing Solutions offers top-quality Fayetteville roof repair at reasonable rates.  If your roof is damaged, don’t wait for it to get worse